Murderers, killers and thieves

Our nation is in mourning because of the people who commit these acts in our cities every day. Yet some of them do it legally and no one says anything about it until something is discovered that gets people angry enough to do something about it. The murderers who use guns get attention in the media whether they kill one or more people, especially if it is a child. But what about the so-called “doctors” who perform abortions daily.

I realize that there are some who are actually board-certified physicians, but they are not gynecologists or if they are why would they be consenting to do these things. The answer boils down to MONEY! Some reports show that abortion doctors can make anywhere from $350 to upwards of one thousand dollars per “procedure”. Regardless of what you call it, in the eyes of God, it is murder.

In the title I referenced thieves and I mean that in the way of stealing life from someone who may have been important in the future. But we will never know for sure, because they were aborted before they had a chance to live! I know that I am speaking against abortion, but there are some that have been aborted that were just plain murder! These partial-birth abortions in particular are grievous because if the child were wanted, they could have lived.

God doesn’t take the murder of children lightly like we do in our society today. How much blood has been spilled and innocent lives taken because of the idol of “convenience” got in the way. Pride and greed and selfishness are all involved in this industry. Selfishness because of the money to be made and because it is “inconvenient” to have a child. Children are gifts from God, but many people treat them as if they are slaves or property or even pets!

Our lives and the lives of our families are not “things” to be used as bargaining chips. If the argument for abortion were just involving a so-called “clump of cells“, then why do we punish murderers in the prisons? We just happen to be living clumps of cells that can fight back and talk and defend ourselves, babies cannot! Why do we punish a criminal for two murders if he kills a pregnant woman and yet we define her child as a non-living clump of cells?

God creates each of us in the womb and He knows the person that we are destined to become. When we take that life, even before it draws its first breath, in God’s eye we have murdered that person. The people that we, as a society, have killed since abortion became legal is numbered in the millions.

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