Are we pushing an agenda or trying to bring people to Christ?

In the charged atmosphere that our country is in, what are we doing as representatives of Christ? Are we representing Christ to the world? There are many who see the church as a radical group that is pushing their agenda on people who don’t want it. In this scenario, the church is being compared to zealots and terrorists because of the way the message of a few congregations gets attention from the media. Sensationalism in our society is all the rage because of so-called “reality TV” so anyone who has an opinion, especially one that is going to get attention, will get air time.

Even the man-made religions of Islam and Scientology get far more favorable time than most churches that follow Jesus. Is it because we are living in the times prior to His return? I don’t know for sure. Many people wonder when that might happen and the fact is that no one knows except God. When the time is right, it will happen because it is prophesied in His Word. That belief is based on faith, but not blind faith. It is faith in a risen Savior and in the prophecies which have already come true that are in the Bible.

Christ is the answer to all of life’s questions because He is the author of life. He is the Creator and our redeemer and the only “agenda” that I am preaching if that is what you call this.

In life and in this world there are many troubles. Some are caused by us, some by natural processes like earthquakes and hurricanes, and many of the wars and diseases that afflict mankind have their cause in Satan and his demons. I know that there are many who will not believe this because they put about as much into belief in him as they do in Bigfoot or “little green men”.

Humans are hated and despised by Satan because of our status in God’s eyes, especially those who have accepted Christ as their savior. The rhetoric that is being debated in the media about Christians and their belief that is based on the Word of God against sinful lifestyles.

In many ways we are very much like children who cannot get along. One group goes to one part of the playground, another to another area and none of them play together. Our pride and selfishness gets in the way of being the people that God intended for us to be. We have our own views and opinions of how “religion” or lack of it should be done and we are stubborn enough to not allow others to influence us.

Why are we such a stubborn people? Because we want things our way, we want to do everything on our own, like children even as adults.

God knows this and He knows us and our ways. He also knows what is best for us but until we decide to follow Him, we will be stuck doing it our way. We may get some things done in our world, but what about after we leave this world and stand before Him? Will anything that we have done matter at that point? If it was done for Him it will, if not then the question becomes “What did you do with my Son, Jesus?”

The answer to this question may not mean much to you now but when eternity is before you the answer will make a great deal of difference. We do not know how many days that we have in this life and I know there are many who think they should do all they can to have fun before they die. Have you considered what happens after you die? Many people think that once you die, that’s it, but it is not.

We all have eternal souls and where we spend eternity hinges on the answer to the  previous question. Your life in eternity, whether in heaven or hell, is determined by your answer toward Christ. Did you accept Him as your Lord and Savior or did you reject Him? You place in eternity depends solely on the answer to that question, think about it.

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