About me

I have been told that my site needs this so here goes. My name is Gordon Eldridge and I am the pastor of a small rural church in Mississippi. I was born about fifty odd years ago in Virginia, places and dates are not important here. What is important is that the message on this site. The Message is about Jesus, not about me or who I am or where I grew up. I did grow up close to the church that I pastor and in the same community.

My life is UN-remarkable other than the parts which happened before I came to know my Savior. Even those incidents that I got into during that time are nothing more than what most of you have done. I started smoking (cigarettes and pot) at an early age. I started drinking, also at about the same time. So, to say that my life is or has been one of only following my Lord is totally WRONG! The age at which I started these things was about fourteen so yes I was young, much too young to be doing what I was doing.

I was angry. Angry at my father who had left my Mom and me and angry at the world in general. So, I was looking for a way to vent and those were the ways that I did it. Luckily or not, I was able to stay alive long enough for Jesus to come into my life and turn me toward the path that He wanted me to follow. Although, I didn’t follow it as well as I should for a long time. He finally got my attention when my son was born and I decided that I wanted to give him an example to follow that I would be proud of and not regret.

So, here I am. It’s not much but God gives me the words and I write them. I hope that you find them useful in your search for something, Someone more meaningful in your life.

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