Greater Knowledge Demands Greater Accountability

It is one thing to be naughty and have no knowledge of the gravity or the consequence of sins. It is one thing for someone to occasionally fall or stumble, yet still have a desire to repent and stay on the right track with God. However, the real tragedy is when willful sinners delight in their naughtiness, and they have such high theological knowledge, or at least, the knowledge of what is morally right and wrong. Such people are only scared of the punishment that awaits them, rather than respecting the Lord who demands holiness. They will even use Scripture and the fanciest churchy-sounding prayers to soothe their conscience. Such people think they are Godly, yet through their behaviors, they serve their father, Satan, who exhibits zero holiness.

My fellow brothers and sisters, I challenge you to examine your behavior and your motives. On Judgement Day, each and every man and woman will be held accountable for every deed performed on this sacred land called Earth. With greater knowledge comes greater responsibility, because you are called to a higher standard. As your parents used to say, you know better. So, saints, DO better for Jesus!

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