Spiritual Vision

The painful thing about glaucoma is not the gradual clouding of the eyes, but the pain that comes with the immense pressure in your eye. I have dealt with this ever since I was in preschool, and completely lost my sight in first grade. It is possible for someone to see clearly the many shadows and colors of creation, yet their spiritual sight is dim. You see, spiritual blindness is a process, which sometimes lasts for years, like glaucoma. Satan will throw in fiery trials and temptations at every turn, and if your spirituality is not in check, he will slowly cloud your vision with new-age philosophies and religions, or at the worst, outright worshipping demons and being devoted to the occult. On the other hand, it is possible to be blind, yet have spiritual sight that is unlike typical 20/20 vision. I am no prophet, but I can surely testify of the revelatory power of the Holy Spirit in my life. I pray that this will be the testimonies of those who may have low vision or other limitations.

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