A Scathing Rebuke To The Church (The Bride of Heaven)

You naughty wife! You have acquired much prosperity, eaten at prestigious restaurants, drove the fanciest cars, and proclaimed the juciest decrees, yet you are poor, starving, and blind! Do you not see that your bridegroom, Satan, has bribed you with money to accomplish the work he has assigned to you? You have heard, “For the husband is the head of the wife, and Christ also is the head of the assembly, being himself the savior of the body. But as the assembly is subject to Christ, so let the wives also be to their own husbands in everything.” If Jesus were truly your bridegroom, you would love and revere Him above all things, and let your works testify of your reverence to Him. But, you have cheated on Him, and turned to idols, which is the grievous vice of polygamy, which you have committed in your heart. You have followed many gods! If Jesus is the head of a holy place, how then could Satan, a perverse and wicked spirit, reflect the holiness which CHRIST requires of you? How can unholiness marry holiness? You are deceived and simple in your logic! It would be better to have drowned with the world than for you to foul the sancutary which the Lord has entrusted you to reside and preach! Repent of your gross disobedience, and go back to the drawing board.

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