The Native Language Of Satan

You are of your [Spiritual] Father, the devil, and you want to do the desires [works] of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and doesn’t stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks on his own [native languagestnature]; for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44)

Language is an essential tool that humans use to communicate messages and have conversations. Each of us have a primary language we speak, depending on which country you grew up in, and where your parents were raised. But, did you know that you could be fluent in special languages without actually having a formal training that we typically see when learning French or Spanish? Speciiically, I am talking about lying and deceit, and truth and authenticity.

John 8:44 is a rebuke to the Pharisess, who used Scripture and religion to accuse Jesus of not following their vain traditions, while exhibiting hypocritical and self-righteous behaviors borne out of a false sense of superiority, which in turn, resulted in their lives being full of craftiness and deceit. The thing is, these people hated the truth, and loved falsehood and vain tradition more than the Spirit of the Truth. Jesus rebuked them and said that they belonged to Satan, the father of lies.

You may ask: Why Satan, and not God? It’s simple. God is not the author of deception, so it could not be possible for their behavior to glorify God. Their behavior matched the typical nature of someone who was raised by Satan, who teaches his children to lie. Therefore, it makes sense for Jesus to use such rebuke, with the knowledge that such behaviors exhibited were like that of Satan.

Lying Is A Learned ⠠⠆⠓⠁⠧⠊⠕⠗

Sometimes, when I look at what is unfolding in our country, and even our schools and churches, I wonder why and how people who lie and deceive a whole population, can actually get away with such gross misdeeds? Then, there is the familiar thing that most parents say, “I raised my child better than this. She knows better than to behave like this.”

There was one time during my junior year where I stumbled across this question. Around the first week of April, at least 63 students who attended my US history class was caught cheating on a test that was administered on the computer (go figure!). A majority of the kids who cheated never or rarely got in trouble, never spent time in detention, and was always well-behaved, getting the highest grades in the class. This is not the first time my school has dealt with cases of academic dishonesty this year.

Several English teachers have slowly weened off of using technology as an instructional material during testing, or, at bare minimum, began using a software to detect plagiarism and cheating using a color coding system. As good as these measures are at trying to prevent these incidents from happening, sadly, they are flawed. Hence the reason why many are tempted to cheat and cut corners, which would really go against them when getting ready for college. You wonder (as a genuine and loving parent) why your teen could just balantly lie to your face about going to the bar on a Friday night while they are flunking calculus and serving Saturday detention tomorrow because they ditched class again. (Thank you, Principal X!) Although there are those instances where parents intentionally set a bad example for their children and teach them to lie and manipulate others to get their way, lying is generally a learned trait that is taught by their spiritual father, Satan.

You may have heard preachers say, “Satan is a liar”. I would like to say this: Satan is a FLUENT liar, and the Holy Spirit is a FLUENT truth-teller.

Reflection Question

What is the primary language you speak in your daily life? Are you speaking the language of the Holy Spirit (the truth), or the native language of Satan (deceit)?

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