A Forgotten Subject In The Church

If there is any subject that many will shy away from in their sermons, let alone any teaching or lecture, … many may think it is the subject of Hell and sin. That’s only part of the puzzle. If you hear your pastor preaching about Satan, … expect for people to run, duck and cover. If we are going to preach the sweet news of Jesus and His redemptive plan for mankind, why are we not challenging ourselves and others to drink the bitter cup of uncomfortable truth. The events that we are seeing take place in America and the world is a result of a lack of teaching on an eternal matter that has led many to Hell faster than anything. As a 17 year old who is getting ready to be a senior in a public high school, who had the privilege to serve as Vice President of a Christian club last year, I want to share one key thing that all youth groups should start doing as the world grows colder. Preach against Satan! I will tell you from experience– There is nothing that will drive a sin-excusing, immoral generation out of church, or a Bible study organization more than a brave man who will put his foot down and tell them who Satan is, let alone having their sins exposed to their face. Although some will depart, and will minimize the spiritual threat they must embrace, and will accuse us of “fishing for the devil”, it will pay off in the end. Such message will benefit their souls to come to repentance, eventually influencing others to advance the kingdom, and help ensure the common good of man– By calling evil for what it is: evil.

7 thoughts on “A Forgotten Subject In The Church

  1. You’re so on point, Maia!
    The full gospel cannot be preached without showing sinners their eternal destination, outside of Christ, which the lake of fire. A one-sided emphasis on the love of God and the glory of heaven for the saint has robbed the church of the convicting power of the wrath of God and the need to avoid the horrors of hell. Paul said, “knowing the terror of God, we persuade men”. Peter warned his audience on the day of Pentecost to “save yourselves from the wrath to come”. Jesus made it clear that whoever believes in Him has everlasting life; but for whoever does not believe, the wrath of God abides on him.
    Our God is still a consuming fire, even if prosperity preachers and therapeutic gospel specialists won’t tell you that.

    Any gospel that shies away from teaching the doctrine of hell is not the full gospel; that’s the fool’s gospel!

    God bless you for sharing this forgotten truth, my dear friend!

    1. Not to mention, many do not even want to preach Satan. And most that do preach against Satan are hypocrites rather are sowing hatred. It’s time to kill Satan’s hatred with love and through spiritual protest.

      1. They’re not talking about Satan because they’re not talking about hell, because that’s the place prepared for the devil and his angels and human followers.
        We talk so much about the grace of God, forgetting the judgement of God ! Judgement must begin in the house!

      2. I was going to tell you something that happened, but I think I will do that through email for confidentiality.

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