Repent Of Thy Sins

Repent of thy sins,

And fear the Lord 

Who shall send judgement upon the bowels of the wicked. 

Repent of thy sins

And fear the endless flames 

That surround the bottomless pit 

Of a dark place called Hell. 

Repent of thy sins,

Yet do not be deceived. 

For your works may feel good, 

But, its consequences are great. 

Repent of thy sins, 

My beautiful country. 

You eat rotten fruits

That burn through the flesh.

Repent of thy sins! 

Repent, repent, repent! 

A kingdom has been prepared for you,

Filled with riches and gold. 

Outside of the city

Came lying lips and deceitful hands. 

When they were desperate for money, 

They hired a con man 

To scam others and win.

But, even as the saints

Seek to win more souls, 

A school of devils 

Sought to make man win more dollars. 

Have ye not coughed up blood

And puked out disgusting food? 

Have ye not beared the great agony

Of the flesh’s tears? 

Have ye not seen vermin

Carry diseases around your towns? 


For ⠮ venomous lips of Satan

Speak blasphemies against my Father’s kingdom. 

Ye have heard 

That your great Archnemesis

Is the father of lies. 

But, I say unto you, 

O, America. 

That there is no love in him. 

When he sows discord,

He fulfills his mission. 

When he dehumanizes the sheep,

He satisfies his belly.

But, when my king calls forth His children,

Satan lies trembling, 

And is desperate to drink. 

So, he drinketh out of the cup 

Of vengeance and rivalry.

But, do ye not know

That a king named Jesus

Died for our sins,

Our failures, and our heartaches. 

He is as gentle as a mother,

Consumed with love,

Crying with patience,

And is willing to forgive. 

I, a blind servant

Created by my Father,

A teenage girl 

Seeking to comfort those 

Who are oppressed by darkness. 

I have seen the hand of God

Touch my fellow brethrens

Just as I have seen Satan’s flames 

Consume the weak and inferior.

Repent of thy sins,

My beautiful nation. 

God is waiting for you, 

And my hand is out 

To touch your stricken hearts.

I beg you. 


I hate to see you 

Suffering your darkest hours. 

I hate to see you 

Crying tears of torment. 

I hate it! 

I hate it!

I just HATE it! 

Come here, 

For God is waiting.

Thy kingdom come, 

On Earth as it is in Heaven! 

Thy kingdom come! Thy will Be done!

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