You Are Not Immune

Superfical, childish faith teaches us to hide inside the quiet closet in the midst of loud, grotesque sounds of a daily battle against the dinvine kingdoms, just as a baby fears thunder and darkness. Superficial Christianity also teaches the brave warrior that they are under God’s protection, and as a result, fall victim to the illusion that they do not have to fight Satan, since we are already on the winning team, and Jesus defeated him on the cross. I am writing to you today to warn you of the grave danger of ignoring and minimizing your vulnerability and capacity to succumb to the many diabolical schemes we do not like to meditate on. Until we truly understand the depth and gravity of God’s love, the depth the gravity of Satan’s unending wrath and scorn ajst mankind, then our spiritual journey is founded on comfort rather than courage.

2 thoughts on “You Are Not Immune

  1. Thank you for this opportunity timely reminder!
    We need to mature to the stage where we understand that the real battle starts the moment we get into Christ, and that we will be tested, tried, harassed, buffeted by Satan, persecuted, cast down, and if need be, killed, for Christ’s sake, as we bear witness to the truth.
    Jesus told the Christians in Smyrna that some of them would be cast into prison and some killed, yet they should be faithful unto death, to inherit the crown of life ! Christianity is no walk in the park! We’re engaged in serious spiritual warfare, and we must be prepared to resist the kingdom of darkness with everything in us!
    God bless you!

    1. Hello Dr. Ndubuisi,
      Thank you for following this website. My name is Maia, but you may call me Down with Satan_911, or DWS 911. I collaborate with Tracy E, who is the main author of this blog. I post presentations at least twice a day, since I am on summer break. I post about some of my creative projects, as well as current events, morality, faith, Biblical truth, and provide insights on spiritual growth and the fighting the kingdom of Satan. You are always welcome to contribute to any of our upcoming projects and commemorations.
      May you continue to grow in Christ as we stand strong against Satan.

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