Dare To Rebel!

You know, sometimes, the fact that God has set you free from the penalty of sin, and the kingdom of darkness is what makes you want to scream and shout. When you were this bad, sinful, old, wretched man, you thought of ways you can provoke your parents, your teachers, and even the cops. I have heard several teens and young adults who ran away from home, lived like rebels, plotted ways to make their neighbors mad, or even, … indulge in the “fun” of doing crimes after curfew. #PeerPressure101

But, once you become a child of God who is living the new Holy Spirit-filed lifestyle, there is a Godly form of rebellion that every Christian should not be afraid to exercise: The type of rebellion that makes God glad, and Satan mad.

Now that God has welcomed you to the winning team, why not be daredevils and take the leap of faith when it seems impossible or when many will say “No! You can’t do that! Nobody does XYZ!” Every adversity, challenge, or opposition is an opportunity to dare to rebel against the world’s evil systems, the sin nature, the flesh, and the kingdom of Satan! Every fiery dart or accusation Satan sends your way is a chance to please God, thrive in the fire, and make a difference to those around you through the shared example of a Gospel-centered life.

Thank you Jesus! 🙂

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