Woe! (A Lamentation)

Woe to the servant who wrote many ⠃⠕⠕⠅⠎

Dreamed dreams, saw many visions–

Sung many hymns, read many Scriptures–

Performed wonders, blunders, and miracles, but deny the Spirit that speaketh through His writings.

Woe to the preacher who forsakes the church:

Forsaking traditions of men, while denying the Spirit of His actions!

Woe to the many who bow in prayer closets to rebuke ⠠⠎⠁⠞⠁⠝

Yet their tongue is polluted with foolish jesting.

Woe to the servant who follows the narrow ⠛⠁⠞⠑

Yet deny the writings of the Master of all Heavenly places.

Woe! Woe! Woe! For this is a terrible tragedy!

Lament at the prophets wearing black robes to the funeral of the ⠆⠺⠊⠞⠡⠫⠒

They preach God’s wrath, yet trivialize it with foolish tongues.

Woe to the children enduring the Wrath of Satan:

Because through the vain rebuke and exhortation of the mourning priests, they drink the cup of the Accuser’s wrath:

Delighting in condemnation and unrighteous indignation.

Behold! The Wrath of Satan has infected this land.

Many shall be sifted from the freedom they once cherished.

Count it all joy, my brotherss and sisters!

You have overcame him, and your name is sealed in the Lamb’s Book of Life!

Let your tests be testimonies of your Lord Jesus Christ:

Whose mercy endureth through all generations!


2 thoughts on “Woe! (A Lamentation)

  1. Great post.
    The warning is timely. We must not only teach and preach truth, but most importantly, we must live truth. Our lives and our words must match, and together glorify God.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    God bless you.

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