Could This Be The Worst Lie In Christianity? Hmmmmmmm!

To be clear, there are two things that should be noted from this presentation. First and foremost, one can be sealed with the Holy Spirit and be genuinely reggerated and washed for the remission of sins, being saved from the penalty and grip of sin, ultimately secure his fate to Heavenupon death. Having received salvation, there must be genuine fruit that comes from the Holy Spirit that is evidenced by our change in behavior and attitude. However, let us not forget that in the event we fall drastically, and we were actually living like slaves to sin, acting like Satan, pressuming that we are saved, that’s a different story. What Satan wants you to do in this “once saved, always saved” system is to abuse God’s grace so that you would falsely believe that you are going to Heaven, when you are actually on your way to Hell.

2 thoughts on “Could This Be The Worst Lie In Christianity? Hmmmmmmm!

  1. If you are truly saved, the Holy Spirit is living inside your heart and will convict you if you even try to go back to the sin you were saved from. So living in your old sinful way and claiming that you are saved is the lie because the holy spirit would not let you be comfortable with doing that.

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