Are People Who Watch TV “Controlled By Satan” As This Video Implies?

A video was posted by finalcall07, a Christian YouTuber who has made short videos for 10 years. The name of this piece is titled “Controlled by Satan, People Who Watch TV”.

After stumbling across this video, I believe that we should ponder on some thought-provoking principles that should cause us to rethink how we evaluate television. I shouldn’t even call it thought-provoking. I should really call it “simple yet complex”.

Who Is Finalcall07?

Finalcall07 was a Christian youtuber who collaborated with Warningthepeople, a partyering channel who have posted sermons since 2011. Most of their presentations feature warnings against the “church system”, often times viewing the Bible as an “idor” rather than a collection of works inspired by God. Unfortunately, Finalcall07 died in 2020.

Aside from the general foundation of preaching Jesus, repentance, and the cross, he emphasizes the ongoing process of staying away from worldly adoration and temtations that we commonly see in this age, like secular shows and music.

Please note that I am not posting this presentation to cast judgement on this man’s eternity or his lifestyle; I do not know what temptations he may have been vulnerable to during his time on Earth. However, my intention is to gently address some of the things he preaches, especially in regard to practices that are not explicitly stated in Scripture. It is my prayer that this presentation will not serve as a way to condemn anyone, rather, to acknowledge the individual weaknesses of our fellow brothers, and to remain committed to a life of righteousness and balanced freedom.

Drawing the Line: The Moral Cost Of Entertainment

Throughout my childhood, I grew up with a Cable television. When it comes to the entertainment choices and myself and my mother, many will characterize us as an old soul, as I do not watch shows that were “typical” for teenagers, like Glee and Gossip Girls. I love to watch game shows, educational documentaries, Disney films, and stations analyzing trends in politics.

I will honestly admit that there were certain popular television shows that I just couldn’t get into. Not necessarily because I thought they were sinful or glorified Satan, or that they promoted ungodly behavior. It’s just the fact that it just didn’t fit with my taste. It is also worth noting that I strive to keep things PG, and stay away from films with inappropriate language, unless it is for an assignment in class. I am not a huge fan of fictatious films. Part of this is because of the fact that I am blind, thus limiting my ability to comprehend visual aspects of a film.

I will say that there is a dark side to everything: from the cartoons we watched as a little kid, to the romantic films with many sexual and violent scenes. Obviously, there is the fact that some films are gory, use bad language, and glorifies sex as a perverted quality founded on lust. But, have we considered that there may be hidden lessons we can learn from the most grotesque and gruesome works shown at the box office?

The War And The Debate On Appropriateness

Now, let’s use a “questionable” film for this examination. I will use the 1994 film “The War”, which was rated PG-13.

One of my assignments in my US history class required me to watch a film called The War, a historical fiction film about the Vietnam War. Upon completion of watching the film, I composed a three-page paper analyzing how the Vietnam war and its conveying themes were protrayed through the film.

Stephen Simmons, a Vietnam veteran, returns home from a mental institution after suffering nightmares and flashbacks about the war. Due to his mental state, he had previously been fired from three jobs in a row. After his return home, he is hired to work as a custodial engineer at an elementary school, which he lost due to a law banning people from working in the presence of children after being released from the mental hospital. Hence the nature of this work, this film exposes the psychological effects of war, and the ways in which society responds to a victim of trauma.

Now, suppose that this film is NOT actually protraying a historical event. Keep in mind that this is a PG-13 movie depicting traumatic events. Let’s say that the “war film” was filled with gore and blood, not to mention some cursing in between. Does one sentence containing the F word constitute a film as demonic? Not necessarily. However, it’s not the best thing we should feed into our minds, especially if you are under 13 years old, due to the heavy nature of the film.

What I am trying to get at is this: Always be vigilant of what you are watching and listening to. Be aware that there are shows and movies that could be emotionally traumatizing, or may cause you to try some behaviors that are not morally acceptable or beneficial to the body, mind, and soul. However, do not assume that everyone is going to follow your footstemps. Don’t be supprised if your friend decides that something like Harry Potter or the War would be beneficial for them: For personal enjoyment, for educational purposes, and spiritual growth. Here is a general principle to abide by.

What you may see as sinful may not actually be sin in the eyes of others. Obviously, there are the universal sins explicitly condemned in Scripture: Lying, stealing, cursing, adultery, etc. Then, there are the individual “sins” we often ignore. We are all battling with the same flesh, against the same enemy, striving to achieve the goal of Heaven and holiness. The same Satan that tempts you to lie to your parents and do drugs is the same Satan who would tempt your friends to listen to a Disney film containing magic or references to lust, luring them to universal temptations, like witchcraft, the Occult, or idolatry.

Bottom Line: Listen To The Holy Spirit

In summation, finalcall07’s argumentation is based on the belief that watching television is a universal sin which makes one “a slave to Satan”, while negrecting that such practices are not explicitly addressed in Scripture. Therefore, I would advise you to consult the Holy Spirit for guidance and insight into your entertainment choices. If you are under the age of 18, listen to your parents’ instructions and follow their rules.

My intention of posting on this website is to foster a Christ-centered and inclusive environment that strives to encourage others, in hopes that many may come to the knowledge and understanding of the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, while paying close attention to the weaknesses and temptations of others. With this in mind, we do not want anyone to go against their moral conscience or follow Satan. Therefore, it is our sacred duty to not only recognize your weaknesses, but to live by a commitment to not expose you to certain temptations that will cause a stumbling block to your faith: whether through film, or other means. You are always welcome to bring your concerns to God, and reach out to me and Tracy to address any “red flags” that you come across.

In the meantime, let us not use our Qd-given freedom to cause others to fall, nor judge those who do not follow your convictions.

One thought on “Are People Who Watch TV “Controlled By Satan” As This Video Implies?

  1. Sorry Tracy! I had to edit this presentation and remove the original video from here, because I found out yesterday that Finalcall07 teaches that the Bible is not the Word of God, as well as many other false doctrines of Satan. I removed the original link to protect other readers who will view this presentation from being led astray by his preaching.

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