Short Words of Spiritual Insight For Teenagers Who Partake In TikTok Challenges and Pranks (Warning)

Don’t let the publicity and the world’s attention steer you away from the path of morality and Godliness. By partaking in this opportunity, you have signed yourself up for a divine measure of great accountability that is bestowed upon you and those who share this opportunity. Be viligant of your deeds. Satan will come to you to promise fame and fortune at the expense of sound judgement, for the sake of likes and peer approval. Therefore, discern and count the cost of what it is presented to you. Finally, let the Holy Spirit and your God-ordained parents guide you in your online dealings: For every challenge is recorded by the angels in Heaven, and every public interaction will communicate the consequences of this life, and the life to come. Whatever you harvest, you shall eat and share amongst your partakers the fruit that is produced. Amen!

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