To Legalistic Moralists

It is just ridiculous, and sad! I am specifically talking about the outrageous claims among many people who call themselves Christians, but are self-righteous hypocrites. This is whom many would call “The Moral Police“. The church have become known for the rules we set for others, and the condescending attitude we carry when speaking to others about faith.

We love to put heavy burdens on people by setting expectations that are not humanly possible to follow, nonetheless in a short period of time. No eating pork, no New International version, no dancing, no technology, no TV, none of that. In our mindset, anyone who is a true Christian will stop sinning and abide by these rules, or they are demonically possessed minions of Satan destined for Hellfire. Seriously?

Let me pose to you a question. If you believe that technology is a sin, why do you own a cell phone, let alone any modern-day invention? Do you sincerely think that Jesus endured suffering, opposition, hatred, persecution, temptation, and even a brutal and painful beating on the cross, overcame the fiery trials of Satan and the kingdom thereof, defeated the gates of Hell, performed miracles, and even paid the price for the whole world, just for you to add another prerequisite to salvation, which was literally done on YH behalf? Do you even consider this as a major factor in why many choose the path of sin later down the road, because of your tongue that accuses people of the most trivial matters? Doesn’t that not exemplify the very nature of Jesus, who looks beyond even our gravest or most minute faults, and sees a precious saint who is washed clean by His blood, saved by grace through faith, and destined for a divine Heavenly purpose? Do you not see that your condemning attitude immitates that of Satan, who accuses us day and night? (Revelation 12:10)

To be clear, I am not against Christians who have legitimate temptations that force them to abstain from the television or whatever for some time. I do not desire for any to sin or follow Satan. And yes, some temptations require more resistance practices than others, making abstinence (when practiced for the right reason) a great escape from the urge to sin. However, what I am against is Bible-thumping Christians who flaunt their spirituality and their morality in people’s faces to drag them into their level or test them to harshly criticize them. It is better for a man to be a sinner than a saint who is stained with a false sense of perfection and holiness.

There are just three things you must do to be saved. Confess that you are a sinner, have faith in the resurrection, death, and burial of the Lord Jesus Christ as atonement for our sins, and confess that Jesus is your Lord and Savior.

If you did this, you are now a child of the eternal light, and you will go to Paradise. Now, you are called to be an example to the world, shining God’s light and everlasting love for His creation. You are now on the winning team, because through Jesus, you can overcome each and every opposition, adversity, and even the heat of Satan’s wrath. You do not need to know eschaetology, nor do you need a perfect lifestyle to enter Heaven. All God is looking for is a sincere effort to be Christlike in word, thought, and deed, and √ the power, person, and presence of the Holy Spirit. Understand that we will occasionally miss the mark and sin. The test of a true Christian not how many time he commits sins, but how many times he commits the sin of not sinning and being perfect in our own strength, and our attitude when we fail.

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