O, Lord!


Domine, Domine!

Domine, Domine!

Quam admirabile est nomen tuum,

In omni terra.

Subditus esto gloria,

In omnibus gentibus?

Cum Existimo

fortissimorum opera digitorum tuorum.

Lunam et stellas

Rutilans per noctem



Quomodo sit omnipotens manum tuam

De omnibus rebus.

Tu ad Luter

Qui cum densissima cincta luto,

Quod tunica ab produci in praesidium

Contra vitiosus crocodilus.

Et descenderat in profundis inferni convivæ ignis,

Et faucium eius amputavit pugione,

Et necavit suum dimittere eum?

O, Christe!

O, Christe!

Admirabile est * nomen tuum?

Et omnis terra!

Domine, Domine!

Domine, Domine!

Quam dulcis sit nomen tuum?

Sit laus vobis


O, Lord! 

O, Lord! 

How majestic is thy name

In all the Earth. 

How excellent is thy glory

In all the nations! 

When I consider 

the mighty work of your fingers. 

The moon and stars 

That glows through the night! 

O Lord! 

O Lord! 

How powerful is thy hand

In all of our circumstances. 

You are an otter,

Who was surrounded by thick mud,

That produced a coat of protection 

Against the vicious crocodile. 

You descended to the fiery depths of Hell,

And slashed its throat, 

And slayed him to its demise! 

O, Christ!

O, Christ! 

How excellent is thy name! 

In all the Earth! 

O, Lord! 

O, Lord! 

How sweet is thy name!

Praise be to you!

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