The Price Of A Gun (A Tribute To Boulder and Texas Shooting Victims)

Although this was written after the Boulder mass shooting last spring, I wanted to post this poem as a tribute to the innocent young men and women who perished in the recent Uluvade school shooting.


It was an hour after one,

Shoppers looking for a soft bun

When all of a sudden, they all had to run. 

Ten innocent mothers, fathers, and siblings

Who left this Earth 

To unite with the Holy One. 

Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised

As they start to cry, hands held to the sky

In the night, the fires burning bright,

And shots echoed through the rising sun.

Satan’s work has just begun. 

How terrible is the price of the gun!

A little boy rushed to get a Covid vaccine, 

 ‘Til he was met with that AR-15! 

Emanual! Help this sacred land! 

The sins of man, the wicked things you have seen! 

How can we work to stop the violence

If our outcries to you are a deafening silence!? 

We stand with the great city of Boulder! 

The evolution of darkness, it only grows older!

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