A Short Note For Teenagers Seeking God

The question is not whether or not God exists or what His divine and moral characteristics. The question today we should be asking is not who “god” is, but who JESUS is. Our world has painted a false view of Jesus: Demoting him to a good teacher and a good prophet, or even a magical genio or Santa Claus who gives us what wedemand. But, Jesus IS God: who came in the flesh– Not to fullfill our own selfish ambitions, but to satisfy our souls, nourishing us with undiluted truth. But, because we chase after what we see with our eyes, and because we rely on visions and vague decrees, we have opened ourselves us to deception that seems so appealing to our ears that we forget our original plan of “searching for God”. Now, we search for a counterfeit god inspired by Satan, leading us to the lake of fire.

I pray that you will seek Jesus while you still have the chance. Trust me, you will absolutely not regret it! šŸ™‚

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