Peaceful Destruction (English Only

O, sorrowful night! 

O, restless morn! 

The spirit of racism 

Carries its seventy horns. 

An atmosphere of peaceful destruction

Is a growing tree 

That was planted by 

A hand filled with dust. 

The Windy City,

The land of the lake.

A beautiful creature 

Whose heart is tainted with ugliness. 

God opposes the proud, 

And the proud opposes God. 

For what can come out of a powerful man 

Who despises the humble?


Come all ye that hear. 

For six servants of Satan

Have covered themselves in white robes. 

You have heard, 

“White is the color of perfection.

And black is the color of pure evil”. 

But, be ye careful 

To put God’s creation 

Into a system that expels the poor!

I say to you, 

 That the right to life

Is never reflective of perceiving

The color of skin, 

Rather the condition of the heart. 

For we are all one in Christ Jesus!

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