Inverses Of An Equation: Yes, Satan can “do the math”! Yikes!

If there is anything I looked forward to on a daily basis at school, it was the opportunity to solve some algebraic equations. As a student who is in an advanced algebra 2 curriculum, equations and graphs are a regular part of the lesson plans. Today, I want to show you a spiritual conundrum that I came across in my meditation and examination of the Scriptures. I pray that this will challenge you to see spiritual truth in a new way.

Inverses of Logarithmic and Exponential Equations

now, this is the part of my presentation where I get to show you the complex world of algebra. So, bear with me.

My math class recently did a study on logarithms, exponents, and solving equations. Among one of the subjects emphasized was the inverse equation.

A logarithm is an inverted form of an exponent. In simple terms, an exponential equation is a mathematical model in the form f(x) = a^x, where each variable (or letter) represents a specific value. Here, f(x) is the same thing as “y”, which is the number that is next to the equals sign. This is the output (or result) of our equation.

For example, let’s say we wrote the equation 3^2 = 9. If we wanted to convert this equation into a logarithm (or the “inverse”), the equation would read log3 9 = 2. Here, the output of our previous equation is now our second number in our new equation. The exponent (^2) becomes our new output. However, here’s the trick! The base (3) has not changed, except it is now a log base instead of an exponential base.

You see, the key to finding the inverse of any given equation is to manipulate and rearrange the numbers. We may have the same (or similar) numbers, but they are rearranged and manipulated into different directions, forming a completely new equation.

Inversion: Satan’s Manipulation Strategy

Now, you may ask how an algebraic equation relates to spiritual truth? Remember how we manipulated our numbers to find an “inversed” version of an equation? What I just showed you is a physical representation of Satan’s manipulation and inversion techniques. The principle is: Whatever good and beautiful thing God initiates, Satan inverted and manipulates. So, if God wants you to love your wife, Satan would use love as a weapon to tempt you to LUST after someone. The old is the Godly, and the new is the perverted.

Let’s apply it to what we see in Scripture. First, let’s use the mark of the beast. Revelations 13 describes a time where the world will have to choose whether or not to receive a mark as a way to pledge allegiance to the Antichrist, ultimately bowing down to Satan. Then, there is the mark of God. This seal identifies a person as a child of God, guaranteeing in eternal life and salvation (See Revelations 9:4).

Notice that both of these seals are placed on the forehead, an integral part of the body that must be protected. If God promises us eternal life for those who live through the wisdom of the Word, Satan’s seal would give temporary pleasure for a man at the expense of his soul. Here, Satan rearranged God’s promise of eternal life by attaching it with his own “inverted” version of a seal, with an eternal price packaged in the sweet gift of freedom that does not last. Ouch!

For the next example, we will use the controversial topic of modern-day music.

In an upcoming publication on, I offer a Biblical and historical analysis of the topic of musical compositions and their subliminal messages, and how such messages have greatly impacted the church’s view on morality. My future presentation is compiled with research, as well as insight from a recent group discussion I led for my school’s Christian club. A crucial consideration for this comprehensive analysis is the application of lessons taken from Lil Nas X’s Satan video in March 2021.

A key takeaway from this investigation is that discernment is required when choosing a song. Specifically, examining and analyzing the message behind a composer’s words and melody are not always sufficient ways to classify such song as one inspired by God. The book of Psalms is a classic example of a collection of worship hymns explicitly sung and written to God, which is now recited in churches today.

Many theologians have come to the conclusion that Satan was responsible for music in Heaven before his fall, based on clues from Ezekial 28. However, such evidence is not explicit in Scripture. Thus, making this “inversion” more complex compared to the previous example. As always, we should ask the Holy Spirit for revelation and for discernment so that we may walk in obedience and righteousness.

Closing Prayer

Dear Father, in Jesus name, please lead me into all truth. Protect me from the lies of Satan. Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from the evil one. Do not allow me to fall under the great delusion that is coming and is here on this planet. Please keep my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. I thank you that you are able to keep what I have entrusted you with against that day. I want to be like the wise virgins in your parable who kept their lamps full. I don’t want to grow lazy and fall asleep and miss your coming. Fill my life with your Holy Spirit’s power, guidance, truth and direction. Do not allow any sin in my life to open doors to deception. Jesus, show me what you want me to know about, if there is anything in my life that does not please you. Please teach me to walk in your ways. Teach me to value what you value and to love what you love. Do not let my faith or love grow cold in these last days. Keep your fire burning in my heart on the oil of your Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, Amen!

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