Shut Up! (A Rap, or Should I Say A Roast)

Yo, ⠱⠁⠎⠎⠥⠏⠦

I’m a devout Christian ⠛⠊⠗⠇

Who ’bout to roast my foe ⠠⠎⠁⠞⠁⠝

While I write an’ ⠞⠺⠊⠗⠇⠖

My mama be dancin’ to them ol time’ ⠓⠽⠍⠝⠎

While my nerdy self be gettin’ ready to hit the gym.

I grab my Bible, and read the book of Revelation,

While the country be burnin’ on national television.

You see my Foe, ain’t seen nothin’ ⠽⠑⠞

Cause I tell ya the truth: He’s gon’ ⠗⠑⠛⠗⠑⠞⠆

Cause all he do is whine and ⠱⠔⠑

Cause he be mad at that church girl from Brooklyn Nine ⠠⠝⠔⠑⠖

The very next week: It’s the first day of ⠠⠇⠢⠞

And the preacher be saying, “Ya’ll need to repent!”

Humility requires us to accept we may be ⠇⠁⠌⠂

But that rascal can’t get his butt out of my past!

I grab some mocha coffee and pour it in my ⠉⠥⠏⠂

And on my knees, I say to him, “Shut up!”

My Father is my source of ⠇⠊⠣⠞⠂

There’s just no way I winnin’ without a ⠋⠊⠣⠞⠖


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