Satan’s Silent Sluggards (A Poem)

Adapted from: Satan Visits The Church (2022), I.III

Scene Breakdown

In the third scene of the documentary “Satan Visits The Church”, a Mexican prophet gives a stunning prophetic warning to the local Catholic Church that is grieving over the destruction of Mérida Catthedral, which was intentionally set on fire by a well-known false prophet, a key figure in the plot of the play.

He uses the illustration of the pale and white horsemen, and the Great Dragon (all mentioned in the book of Revelation). In his prophecy, the pale horse represents the coronavirus. The white horsemen represents religious deception and the false prophet that would eventually arise. The Great Dragon represents Satan, the central figure of this dramatic story.

In simple terms, Prophet Filip warns the church of a coming deception that will entice many to seek temporal riches and filthy lucre, a similar phenomenon America witnessed in early 2020.

The following poem is an adaptation of this scene, however, the setting takes place in the present day. This is not a prophecy, rather, it is simply a word of rebuke to a sleeping and idle church. The title of this piece suggests a disturbing moral flaw evolving at the height of political tensions that challenge the nation to seek reparations for the moral iniquities that so plague us. The name of the piece was inspired by a quote that states, “Idle rands are the devil’s playground”. Ladies and gents, I would like to present to you “Satan’s Silent Sluggards”.


When the winter months arrive,

The ant spends its days hunting for ⠋⠕⠕⠙⠒

Striding to the highest ⠍⠨⠞⠁⠔⠎⠂

Then digging through the lowest valley.

When the day comes where Earth’s provision lacketh

And locusts threaten to destroy their land,

A diligent farmer plants his ⠉⠗⠕⠏⠎

And sows good seeds to harvest fruit.

The bride of the great feast of ⠠⠓⠂⠧⠢

Bears no backbone, nor balance to stand tall.

⠠⠸⠮ mouths are like trumpets blaring through the rooftop,

Yet their feet are feeble and can’t walk through giant walls.

When your brother defiles your house with jesting and whispering,

You spank him with the handle of the Scripture’s belt.

When nation rises against nation, and kingdom against kingdom,

The cowardly grumble, complain, and cry,

Sucking their thumbs and lying down in their crib

Whilst searing their conscience with the hot iron of passivity

And provoking the Spirit through the club of apathy.

Ye are not but a ⠎⠇⠥⠶⠜⠙⠖

Ye are not but an idle craftsman!

One who hath buried her talents in the name of popularity

Forsaking the Gospel for a livestream on TV.

Arise out of your beds, o Satan’s silent sluggards!

For the Great Commission is at hand, and the time shall commence.

Arise, and start working, ye wretched cowards!

Take up your armor, and fight!

It is time to start plowing the ground, and reaping good fruit

Until God’s justice floods the Earth like rain watering a field.

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