A Followup Presentation Regarding the Process of Investigative Study

You may recall that I published a presentation challenging believers to go beyond the basic doctrines of the Bible and dig deeper to examine the hidden dirt that is masked in the prestine surface.

With this in mind, we invite you to send in any doctrine, trend, prophecy, challenge, or teacher in question for investigation. An example could be a blog, a Tiktok challenge, or a historial or prophetic event. Although we may not be able to answer every concern, we will do our best to expose and decipher any and all hidden deceptions that are circulating in this present age. You may send it in through the comments or email.

Scripture repeatedly tells us to take heed and watch out for false teachings, and to not be ignorant of Satan’s devices. What may seem innocent and sound may actually be a sneaky attempt to masqeruade falsehood with truth, lelagism with “commandment-keeping”, and rash judgement with loving correction.

The Process

It is important to clarify that Scripture should not only be used as a means for finger pointing, rather to exhort the body of Christ, correct habitual behavior, and grow in our faith. For the purpose of this presentation, “investigation” and “discernment” are used interchangeably.

1. Requests for investigation are either initating through claims from other parties, Biblical study, or through observation trends in the church, current events, and other mediums. A recent example that came up is the claim that some passages of Scripture condemn the practice of celebrating Easter, largely due to its pagan origins. While we do respect the individual convictions of others, it is important to note that such claims that God forbids things not explicitly stated should raise a red flag.

2. Questions and Answers. If possible, I would ask a series of questions to get to know them better and why they stand on this theological conclusion the way they do. In the above example, I may consider past or ongoing temptations.

⠼⠉⠲ Research, read, and evaluate. Aside from the general practice of reading and examining the Scriptures in context, I would research the history of the theology or event, what it entails, and what other connecting passages speak of the event or theology.

An example is an investigation I did last year on antisemitism. My very first blog post was an essay in which I explaining the meaning behind the synagogue of Satan, a common analogy that is referenced when speaking and/or promoting stereotypes that seek to demean the Jewish community. There are many other Scriptural references throughout history that is use to sow hatred and discord among races and creeds. It is sad, but it is a real thing we see more commnly during Covid and everything happening in Kyiv.

Aside from examining the history of these trends, I ask myself a series of questions that guide me in drawing a Biblically sound conclusion. This process often requires prayer and revelation from God.

a. What do I know about this theology or event? Are there similarities or differences between what I observe and what I originally perceived or thought?

b. Could God be using this event as an opportunity to teach us something?

C. Could Satan be hiding a dirty secret that would not have been uncovered through this revelation and through my findings? What is Satan’s motive in this theology or event? To divide? Deceive? Encourage sin? Accuse the brethren? **

D. How should I (and others) view this in the future?


I do not conduct such investigations to attack anyone, but to expose and uncover the lies that Satan has been telling this generation. What I may find will stimes not be pretty. We may not like the outcome. Sometimes, some of the lies we hear and promote sound so innocent and sweet until we uncover the dirty and dark side of it.

But, there is a hidden beauty in distinguishing the prestine with the filthy, the sometimes unpleasant truth with sweet half-truths, the convictions from the rash judgements.

Not only do we gain an awareness of our spiritual surroundings, but our light’s radiance becomes brighter! I have said this in many presentations, but I will say it again. It is not comfortable or even easy to preach about, let alone write on the many pitfalls Satan throws at us in our walk. Yet, I am willing to pay the price, even if it is my LIFE!

Even at the height of the ugliness of our own sin, our own guillibility, and our own idiocy, and even the ashes of tongues that slither with hate and accusation, hidden within the rubble of deceit and false Christianity, is the savoring sweet fragrance of Jesus’ love for humanity that died and rose again to conquer the forces of darkness that so plague this Earth. Amen!

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