This is Beyond Sad! :(

As I conclude a long school day of SAT testing and homework, I have taken the liberty of perusing through current events on CNN. Sad to say that this Easter has been defined by tragedy and ⠧⠊⠕⠇⠰⠑⠲

It is of heaviest of hearts to report that on a holy weekend founded on the basis of love and unity, we are awakened to the deafening sound of gunshots. There were ten mass shootings just this past weekend, including a party yesterday in a rental home. But, out of all days, these tragedies are unfolding before our eyes on a day when the church is celebrating our Risen Savior! These are not stats; these are people whom God created and breathed life into!

This is a heartbreaking reminder of the great sacrifice that Jesus paid to save this dark world from the penalty of sin, so that we may tell others about this sacred gift, and feed that same love to many souls.

In a post-lockdown society where violent epidemics like these continue to occur, we must continue to comfort each other and keep the families in our thoughts and prayers. But, even thoughts and prayers alone will never heal the ever-present scars of the widow whose child was ripped off the face of this Earth.

What we need now more than ever is a touch from Jesus himself! We can protest and march across the street if we want to, but even those solutions are minute compared to the solution that Jesus pooposes for tragedies like this.

Satan is using tragedies like this to tear down this nation and instill a spirit of fear and hatred in the hearts of many people: young and old, blindcak and white. Furthermore, it is another example of the failure of our mental health systems to use incitives to correct these red flags prior to these senseless attacks. If we truly are a nation under God, indivisible with liberty and jstice for all, why are we failing to take the proper steps to improve a broken system stained with many imperfections?

Man’s methods will never be perfect in our own will and strength, but there is absolutely ZERO excuse for these senseless acts to go unchecked! It is time that we finally go in prayer that God will challenge us to contribute to the common welfare of this Earth. Amen!

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