Jesus was human too

He gave up some of His deity and clothed Himself in humanity for the time that He spent here, but He never sinned. Did He make mistakes like we do? Possibly a few, but they weren’t recorded. When He worked in His father’s shop as a carpenter I imagine He banged His fingers a few times or got some splinters in His fingers. The Bible says that He didn’t sin, it says nothing about any mistakes like those I described. That is the most incredible thing about our Lord and Savior, He lived as a human being with our limitations but He was still God. He was still in control of the demons and diseases and the storms and even life and death!

But…He was human in some ways, the most human ways.

He was tempted. He felt hunger and pain and sorrow and fear. He likely felt many of the feelings which we feel every day of our lives, but He didn’t sin and He didn’t allow Himself to be drawn toward sin. Could we do that? Humanly speaking, not a chance. With the Holy Spirit and determination to live according to His teachings and following His example…we might come close. But in our world today it would be very hard to do or very nearly impossible unless you lived in a very secluded place.

In fact, I don’t believe that we could live even one whole day without a sinful thought or action, even with the Holy Spirit living within us as Christians. Why? Because we are just not attuned to His leading and His voice well enough to hear and obey everything that He says. Jesus could and He did live that way because He listened to His Father and the Holy Spirit. Why did Jesus go through all of this?

For you!

This was planned from the beginning, even before the Earth was formed or Eden became a garden! God knew that we would need a Savior and Jesus was tasked with this long before you or I came into this world. He lived and worked as a carpenter so He wasn’t some frail, sickly Jesus. The only reason He had trouble carrying the cross was because of the beating that He took before the crucifixion. He had already lost a couple of pints of blood (likely) before they placed the cross on His shoulders. Yes, Jesus went through all of this for your sins and mine just so we could become joint heirs with Him in God’s Kingdom.

Once you give your heart to Jesus and repent of your sinful life, your salvation can never be lost or taken from you.

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