God works through your problems

It doesn’t matter what those problems may be, good or bad, God is there working through them in order to bring us closer to Him.

God will do this for those who love Him, not for those who don’t even know Him.

God truly loves you because Jesus came to pay your debt on the cross. There is nothing that you can do to help God save you and you can’t add anything to your salvation. Jesus did all of the work needed for you to have eternity IF you will believe in Jesus for your salvation and repent of your old ways. Please don’t turn away from His call on your life because when you breathe your last breath here, you will be in His presence for your next breath. If you have never given your life to Him, then everything that you have ever done or said in this life against God or His people will bring God’s judgment upon you and you will spend eternity in hell. No get out of jail card and no lower temperature than anyone else. No party in hell either because the only way to escape hell is to give your heart to Jesus now while you can. Then sincerely change your life from the person you were into the best reflection of Jesus that you can manage with His help.

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