What should I do?

Many of us ask this question in our daily lives and usually, it is referring to something other than following Jesus or getting into the ministry. But what if you are asking this question and getting to know Jesus is part of it or at least involved in the possible answer? Have you thought of what you should do?

Some people do wonder about their answer to the Holy Spirit and what to do about it. Some are called in their dreams and the Spirit touches them in a mighty way to draw them to Him. Then there are times when it is a very still, small voice which prods you into being curious about God’s call on your life. Whichever one happens in your life, pay attention to Him!

God loves each of you, regardless of your belief or non-belief in Him or His Son, Jesus. The price for salvation has been paid through His blood on the cross and the only thing that is necessary for you to obtain your salvation is to accept Jesus as your Savior. In much of the world, today that is a very dangerous decision but many people still make it.

Truly, our God is awesome and He does love all people whether they believe in Him or not. But, to show you just how wonderful His creation is I am going to add a photo here which may show some of His creative majesty which you may have never seen.

The differences don’t come from “evolution”, God placed these differences in our tears.

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