We are all too busy in our day to day lives. Even before Thanksgiving or Christmas, everyone is running all over looking for something to buy or do which will make their life better in some way. We go to work or school or to the grocery store or to a movie or to the mall and look for something which will give our life meaning and a purpose.

Except, the answer to meaning in your life is in the Bible. God gives us everything that we need for life and living and Jesus gives each of us a purpose in that life. There is no real need to look for your meaning or purpose in life because being His really is the answer to our search! Of course, most of the world around us and those in it really do try to ignore that bit of wisdom.

But…why would you ignore the Creator of everything? The evidence of His Presence is all around you and yet there are so many people who seem to be ignorant of His power or presence in their lives. If you haven’t asked Him to come into your heart then His influence over your life is limited to His call on your heart but He still cares about you. That is why He sent Jesus to die for your sins so that you could have an eternity with Him. Don’t turn away from Him when you feel His call on your heart.

Sometimes the call only comes once. Unless He has something for which you are uniquely gifted for, then He will pursue you until you do follow His lead. Each of us has a unique gift or ability which He has given us and He can use that gift for His Kingdom no matter what it may be.

So, getting back to the reason for this article, why are we so busy that we can’t seem to find time for attending church services? We can make the time for almost every other project, or “necessary” distraction which comes along but praising and worshipping God is one of those needful appointments which we can’t or won’t make the time for. I have heard that it is too much trouble or that some of us don’t have the time for that.

What if God had said that He didn’t have time for you and your life or problems? How would your life work out then? Probably not too well considering that God is the provider of the air that you breathe and the life which you enjoy. He is the Giver of life to all of creation and to ignore Him or the reason for your hope in eternity is not the way to give Him the glory!

Busyness is great but He is the One Who made it possible for you to be busy in the first place, so don’t you think He should be praised and honored for that? Your life and your talents came from His grace and His influence in your life, even before you were born. So He deserves to be praised and honored and given thanks to for all of your blessings in this life. One day soon the world will see that He is the Person which the Bible says He is and many will mourn because they didn’t make Him a part of their life while there was time.


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