What does the Bible say?

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Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

Oh is that a loaded question or what? The Bible is the Word of God and Jesus is the Son of God and the Word made flesh! So, in essence, when we read the Bible and study the Bible we are learning about God through Jesus the Living Word! When He was teaching His disciples the only Bible was the Old Testament because the New Testament hadn’t been written yet. But, Jesus is present in every book of the Old Testament and is revealed and explained in detail in the New Testament.

We have been created by God to reflect His Son because we were made in the image of God and by reflecting Jesus in our daily lives others can see Him in us. If we will obey His commandments and live by the Word of God throughout our lives. God sent Jesus to be the Savior of mankind because of the failure of the first Adam and to take back that which Satan stole from God. Of course, Satan doesn’t look at it as stealing. He sees it as taking back something which was his, except God didn’t give Satan the Earth to be the ruler of.

We are creatures which God blessed with a soul so that we can be in fellowship with God into eternity. We had that relationship in the Garden and we chose to do it differently, so now that Jesus has paid the price for our mistake. We can get our relationship with the Father back IF we will repent of our sinful ways and ask Jesus into our hearts. That doesn’t mean that we can get saved and then go back to sinning again! When the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts we are a new creation and we are not the same as we were before.

It’s kinda like working in an oil field all day and coming home with oil and grease all over you and your clothes and in your hair. Then you get into the shower and wash all of that stuff off of yourself and then put on some really nice white shoes and pants and a white shirt and tie and a jacket. Are you going to go back to the oil field in that? I don’t think so!

When we accept Jesus as our Savior the Holy Spirit comes in and cleans out all of the old stuff and freshens up the place. He gives you a new purpose and a new heart which is aligned with God’s purposes for your life. But, some people come out of the baptistry and then think that “I can go back to my old ways now, I got some fire insurance now.” That is not the way this works. You didn’t have anything to do with your salvation. You only accepted Jesus as your Savior when you realized, because of the Holy Spirit’s conviction, that you needed Jesus!! 

If you hadn’t been convicted by faith, which God provided for you, and by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, then you never would have felt that you needed salvation at all. So why would you get all cleaned up, inside and out as a born-again child of God, and then go back to your old life with the “old buddies” which drank with you and got drunk with you and laughed when you fell face down in the mud!

God loves you deeply and He doesn’t want you to be placed in torment with Satan and the angels who were stupid enough to be followers of a created being who wanted to be God! God has a better place in eternity for you and for me and it is in Heaven. Choose to follow Him, Jesus, for the rest of your life here so that you can have eternity with Him there! Because this life is short compared to eternity and our time is running out.

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