How is your year going?

I know it seems silly to ask a question like that at the end of the year, but have you considered the one coming up? Have you thought about it at all? I will admit that I don’t plan things out ahead of time, at least not much ahead, but the reason that I don’t is that each of us doesn’t really know what is happening tomorrow.

Look at what’s going on in the world today. How much of what you see or hear on the news would you think could’ve happened today or yesterday? Violence, bombings, murders, killing people because their beliefs are different from what you believe, all of these things are happening now. What, if anything, could you predict or hope for in the future? Making plans for six months ahead doesn’t sound very good to me.

Granted, I am very cautious and if you are a person who doesn’t pay attention to all of the stuff happening in the world then you can plan and go on with your life as if nothing is happening. I am not writing this to make anyone feel bad about their planned out life, but the world we live in doesn’t really give you a good outlook ahead of you to plan for.

God knows what is happening and what will happen and He is in control of it whether the world believes that He is or not. Seek to learn more about Him this year, determine that you won’t just brush Christianity off as some kooky religion. Make sure of your eternity because if you don’t, your eternity will not be an endless party, of that you can be sure!

Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sins, so we are forgiven but we have to believe in Him and the atonement that He provided for us. I know some don’t think that we have to do anything for our salvation, but we do. We have to believe in Him! Going to church, reading your Bible occasionally, attending Sunday school, and all the stuff that “church people” do fairly regularly… don’t cut it! You can act like a Christian and look like one well enough that people may think that you are one, but if the change hasn’t taken place in your heart it is just whitewash.

Cleaning up and looking like a Christian, even if you don’t drink or cuss or anything else, doesn’t make you a Christian without Jesus in your heart. Follow the scriptures in Romans to find your way to your salvation and you will be ready for eternity!


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