Give something back

You have heard about those who “pay it forward” haven’t you? Oh, they have dropped out of the main news lately because there is so much more meaty and interesting things to show than some person paying for an elderly couple behind him or her in line. I think those people are still around, but it just doesn’t carry the same interest factor as shootings, and rapes and robbery or a wreck that killed a family. Yeah, paying it forward doesn’t do that much anymore. But, how much interest could it generate if you gave someone something. Something that they needed for class or a project in school or even for someone who could use it at their job, would that stir someone else to do something? Would that get the attention of the news media?

Of course when I mention giving someone something, everyone thinks of money but it’s not always money that is the need, at least not for most of life anyway. Yes, money is necessary today but an excess of it doesn’t really do most people any good. Look at the lives of the people who have won lottery winnings, most of them don’t have the money that they won after five years or so, no matter how much they won to begin with.

Giving away something that is tangible but useful is better than money. Getting people to really think about what they can give is even more useful, but idealists don’t last long in our society. It seems that most people want to either poke fun at what they are doing or they just look at what they are doing and treat it as an oddity or something unusual in a good way but nothing more.

Life, yours and mine, is more than just getting stuff or at least it should be. Please, leave me your thoughts on this. Think of something like a real movement that we could implement, not just me alone but all over America or even the world itself! We need something today that gives people hope for the future, regardless of the situation that they find themselves in. Yes, this is a hard request but I pray that between all of us putting our “thinkin’ caps” on maybe we can come up with something.

One thought on “Give something back

  1. ‘Giving away something that is tangible but useful is better than money. Getting people to really think about what they can give is even more useful’ i love this because this is what a Meaningful, Substantial Contribution is about. it is Authenticity Demonstrated, lived. i resonate with Contribution, Useful Service. we are each here to contribute, to support each other in reaching our Highest Truest Authentic Expression. media reflects societal preference, geared towards ratings. Success, Meaningful Contribution is an Unquenchable Inward Satisfaction that can never be put out, Kindled in LIFE GIVER, if we stay Connected With Truth Of LIFE. i am in with you!

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