We are real!

baby development You hear so many times in the news and the media that abortion is a woman’s right to choose whether she is going to have a baby or not. Great, then DON’T have UN-protected sex! If you must have sex outside of being married, then make sure that you don’t get pregnant! That way you won’t have to exercise your right to kill that child which came from your own mistake.

That child is not a collection of cells and body parts, it is a life, a baby and a human being and it deserves to live just as much as any other child does. I know a woman has the right to do as she wishes with her body, but if you are going to enjoy sex and don’t want to have a child then get “fixed” just like a dog or a cat so that won’t ever happen! You won’t have to worry about it, ever!

God created mankind male and female so that we could be “fruitful and multiply”, not so that we could pick and choose which child is the one that I want to keep and just throw the rest away! When He sends a child into the world, regardless of who may be the lucky parents, He has a reason and a purpose for that child to fulfill. If you take the life of that child because you don’t want to have it for one reason or another, you have taken a human life. One that had meaning and purpose which God had plans for and you took it away. If you never come to a saving knowledge of Christ, the question will be why did you kill my child?

HowmanymoremustdieSo, look at this picture and tell me who is the most dangerous person or regime on the planet? War has taken only about two and three-quarters of a million lives combined in the past 239 years since America became a country. Abortion has taken over fifty-five million lives in the past forty-two years! Lives that never had a chance to learn to walk and talk or go to school or go to a prom and college. Which sin is the reason for all of this death? Selfishness for the most part, convenience would be another part of the equation.

It is a very sad comment on our culture when we are so selfish that we can’t allow another person to live, even if we gave them up to adoption. That would be preferable since there are many people who can’t even have children and would gladly take a child in and love it and take care of it if you don’t have the time or money to do so.

Another sad thing about this is that you will be held responsible for the lives that have been taken, especially if you have done this more than once.

Yes, God loves each of us and there will be many people in Heaven who never had a chance at a life here on earth. They never took their first breath here, never even had a chance to poop in a diaper or drink some milk from their mother.

I know that this sounds like a rant about abortion and it is to an extent, but God loves all of us even if you may have done this. Please consider that if you do give your life to Christ in this life then you will very likely meet your child in the next one.

Just a thought from a preacher.

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