Percentages and prayer

Christians, according to Wikipedia, make up about 2.2 billion people in the world. To be fair, they quantify this by adding that these are “nominal Christians”, those who may or may not be Christians but they go to church occasionally.

So, according to this, “nominal Christians” make up about one-third of the whole world’s population. Where does that leave us as the body of Christ? Do we have that much influence? According to this same reference, America is made up of about 80 to 90 percent nominal Christians. If they were all in church on any given Sunday, our churches would be packed…but they are not. According to Webster’s Dictionary, nominal means ‘in name only’. A pretty dim statistic for a faith that makes up a third of the world’s population.

Just as you can’t be ninety-five percent pregnant, you can’t be 95 percent Christian either. You either are or you are not, there is no middle ground and no line that you can stand on. Being a nominal Christian seems to mean that you claim it only so far as the claim itself will take you. In today’s world, being a Christian is becoming very unpopular, even in America where we are supposed to have tolerance for religious beliefs.

Of course, today that tolerance has become very weak and frail and almost non-existent among those who don’t believe in God or the Bible and don’t even mention the name of Jesus. Yet, we are supposed to tolerate their lifestyle or anything that they are trying to get us to allow in society.

Christians need to pray about this situation, not because it seems that we really don’t have the numbers that are assigned to our faith but because those who claim it truly need to be Christian in more than just name only! Prayer can bring this about and those of us who are Bible-believing and churchgoing Christians NEED to humble ourselves before God and ask for His forgiveness and His Spirit to move in the churches…ALL of them, regardless of the denomination.

Satan and his fallen angels believe in God and they know Him and Jesus too, they choose not to serve them. The same is true for those “nominal” Christians, they know about Him, they just want to live their lives without Him in their life until they decide to let Him in. This is a very dangerous way to live, because you are not given tomorrow by guarantee. Your soul, like th farmer in the parable, may be required tonight, then where will you be? He thought that he had a life of leisure to look forward to, he had plenty and he had decided to enjoy it. But…when your time is up, according to God’s timetable, then there is no amount of negotiating that will extend your time, no amount of money will affect the outcome either.

Your decision to follow Jesus and serve Him has to be made during the time that you have, today preferably, because you don’t know what is coming tomorrow or even tonight. Give your heart and your daily life to Jesus, become more than a nominal Christian! God needs us to be Christians which read the Bible and pray daily. The kind that make the demons tremble because we are children of God, made in His image and destined to reign with Him! That is the type of Christian that we all should be!

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