Are we any good?

Bad things don’t happen to good people because good people don’t exist.

There is no one righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10 NIV)

I’m not trying to condemn anyone to hell, you do that all by yourself. I’m just trying to show you that it’s not all about you or me, it’s about Him. When your focus is directed at yourself, you forget to leave room for God.

Even though I was acting like a Christian, I was not a good person. To “sin” is to miss God’s mark. Sin is anything opposite of what God wants us to do. Even though everything I did was technically “pleasing to God” I still used it for my own pursuit for happiness. I am still a sinner, the only difference now is that my sins are covered by the blood of Jesus.

If Jesus is our role model then we should try to be Christ-like…right? I mean, that is what Christian actually means you know? Well try to compare your good deeds with what Jesus did. I’m sorry, but it’s an unfair match. People can’t seem to believe that He was able to be human and God too and many Christians don’t believe it, but He was and He is! Jesus’ mother, Mary, was human which we all know something about. His Father is God, so He didn’t have the “sin seed” if you will, which was passed down from Adam.

People do good things, but good people don’t exist. Yes, there are many people who are “playing church”, doing all the accepted things and trying to be “good Christians”. But, on their own and with their own strength they can’t do it, no one can!

Christ set the example for us, and our goal is to be like Him, but we will never reach the likeness of Christ. I’m sorry…but if we became like Christ, then we would consider ourselves to be a god. The only point in your life that you will be truly Christ-like is after you reach Heaven. You can try to follow the Holy Spirit to the best of your ability during this life, but unless you are depending upon Him every minute of every day…every day, you won’t be able to. You can come close, but the fullness of our holiness won’t be bestowed upon us until we are in His Presence.

So that leaves us where we are now. We are sinners, but if you have Christ in your heart then you are a sinner saved by His grace!

Our goal is to achieve Christ-likeness, but Paul says there’s no such thing as a good person. Until we are changed by Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit from the inside out, we are just us, each of us is a sinner because of the sin-nature that mankind inherited from Adam.

God shows us His ultimate righteousness to create an urgency of dependence towards Him. The Holy Spirit deals with our spirit on the basis of holiness and shows us just how unrighteous we really are. That is where we break down and cry out to God.

God made us all equal. Matthew 20:1-16 shows us that (stop what you’re doing and read this parable). Don’t focus on what you deserve. We all deserve the same wage, the wage of death, because we all have sinned (Romans 3:23 & 6:23). You’re a sinner, so am I. No one’s perfect. That’s why I lean on Jesus every day. The trials of my life have already been conquered by Him. We are no longer bound to our sin through Jesus. We are conquerors by His power and the Holy Spirit and we are able to overcome the temptations through Him.

The truth about us is not based on our deeds, our performance, our past, our present, and our resumes. The truth about us is defined by the gospel and our dependence on Him. It’s time to give up our false selfless ambitions and align our hearts with God’s will in our lives. We all need to work on this, I’m learning just as much as you. Keep seeking out God through His Word. Look for Him in your daily life in small victories and big ones. He will give you that victory over whatever is in your life if you will lean on and trust in Him!

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