Tomorrow, Dad

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”  John Wayne

How can we have an effect on tomorrow? The future is our children and the only way for parents, fathers specifically, to have an impact on their lives is to bring them up seeing us put God first in our lives. Not just by going to church, but by living the teachings that are found in the Bible. Reading the Word, praying for and with your children daily if need be, talking with them about questions that they have concerning their faith and yours.

I heard that John Wayne became a Christian because of a question that a child asked him. It was a profound question, like children ask, but it was one that touched his heart and pricked it to the realization that he needed Jesus. My own walk with Christ was prompted by becoming a father and the realization that I needed to have Jesus in my life so that I could be a better role model for my son.

We will never be a perfect reflection of Jesus in this life, but even an imperfect reflection is better than just us alone. Our children deserve to have an example of God to be present in their lives and we as parents are the only example that they will see and hear. While they are small, they will say and imitate almost every word and gesture that you do and say. You all know this is true.

Fathers are admonished to not “provoke your children to discouragement”, but what does that mean? It means that you must not cause your child to lose hope in God, to lose hope in a future with Jesus, to lose hope period. Some translations render that word as “anger”, well when you are discouraged you do get angry so it fits. The point is that you must put your hope in God and in His purpose for you and your family so that your family will know where their hope lies…in God. Not in money or power or success or any material thing but in God.

That is our job as fathers and even though sometimes we fail miserably at controlling our tongues and the words which come from our mouths, we still should strive for the relaying of information to our children which embraces God and shows that we place our hope in Him. Then, if our children see us doing it, then they will see the value in God and Jesus and follow through in their lives.

Give your parents, mother and father alike, a hug and let them know that they did the best job that they could do. Encourage your children to live their lives so that their children will see Jesus in their lives and follow in your steps to Jesus. Children, love your parents enough to show it and don’t be afraid to do so, because Mom and Dad both would like to feel it from you whether they show it or not.

Think about your Mom or Dad tomorrow if they aren’t here, I know that I will be thinking of my grandpa and my Dad tomorrow. Happy Father’s Day to all of you who read this.

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