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Father….Dad…Daddy, which one are you?

Those of us who grew up without a dad in our lives knew what we wanted from him. Even when we didn’t get it, the “it” was usually his love or approval of us in one way or another. The lives of those who had a father who was present in their lives were very […]

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It is just the way life is but how can we live it?

Today, with all of the violence, abuse of all kinds, wars, etc., it is truly miraculous that we can live our lives period. When we look at the television and the internet it seems that all of the news is bad, regardless of what channel you may be watching or where you live. But, there […]

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How will anyone know?

How could someone who doesn’t know you, figure out that you are a Christian? Could they hear it when you talk to them? Could they see it by what you do every day at school or at work? Do you take Christ with you everywhere you go or do you leave Him and your faith […]

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This Country is not the same anymore

Our country seems to have lost its way and gotten away from what it was founded upon. The true history of our country has been watered down and changed so much that what is taught in schools isn’t the same as what really happened. Does anyone care? Is anyone even interested in finding out the […]

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