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What do you think is happening?

In the world today, many things are happening around the world and here in America. Disturbing things, horrible things and good things too if you look hard enough. But why do we have to look hard to see the good things or even to hear about them? Mainly it is because of Satan and the […]

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Can racism be fixed?

It is a topic on many people’s mind for some reason, especially in America, but why is it so important? What is bad about racism? Why do we still have it, even after more than forty years of “the dream”!? What can we do about getting rid of racism? For starters, we could just program […]

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Time, do you have enough?

It seems that when we wake up in the morning, the day just seems to be on meth (or so I’m told). When your feet hit the floor, the minutes just seem to fly by you without stopping. There never seems to be enough time to finish all of the tasks and errands for one […]

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There is no punishment

It doesn’t matter what you do or how you live there is no punishment…at least that is what some spiritual leaders are telling their followers. Whether you believe in a moral code or in God or Satan, the part about there being “no punishment” is a complete lie! If you want to believe that, go […]

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True lies, really?

How can we believe the things that are being taught today? Unproven theories are accepted as truth, lies are taught as if they are from God. What are we supposed to believe anymore? Can we believe anything or anyone today or from the past? I don’t know about believing just anyone, but the One that […]

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Have you ever been down?

By that, I mean depressed, angry, upset with almost everyone about something that you can’t put your finger on? This is the kind of “down” that I have lived with most of my life. I never really talked about it with many people, not even my immediate family, but it has always been there. Like […]

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Are you a slave?

I read the book, “12 years a slave”, over the weekend and I never learned this in high school or college history. Any of it! Oh, I had heard that things were really bad in some areas of the South but I didn’t know how bad that it really was. Yes, I am a white […]

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Without God, what’s the point!?

A quote that I read a while back said that men in the twentieth century have forgotten God. I know that many have tried to say that He is dead and that He doesn’t exist, but how can you forget God? With everything around you in the world and in the universe itself, how can you […]

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Why not Jesus?

Do you believe in Him? Does He offend you? Is belief in Him too hard or offensive to you? Why? What is so offensive about Jesus? Is it because Christianity believes that He is the Son of God or because He died on the cross and rose from the grave alive to ascend to the […]

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Can you reconcile Jesus’ limitations?

There are many who deny that Jesus was the Christ because He seems to be limited in His ability as the Son of Man. But, did you ever consider that He limited Himself because of His love for us? Think of this: the question has often been posed about whether God could create something which […]

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