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A living Message

Jesus was and is considered the Living Word of God, so our message about Him and salvation through Him should be different for each person. Truly, it is different for all those who seek Him because nobody gets the same message from the Bible. We all get a different meaning and purpose from the words […]

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Freedom of choice

It is what God gave to all of us who have it, angels and mankind, and we must use it for the right reasons. Not to choose to be evil or sinful or a killer, but to make a choice to be a follower of Christ! It is by God’s grace that we have our […]

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Good advice

This little bit of advice showed up on my Facebook page today and I wanted to share it. Not only with you but with the world. It is true that many people follow their hearts in times of stress and trouble, if they have the courage to do so. Although, many of us don’t have […]

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God doesn’t like sin, but He loves you

In your life and mine there have been times where we fall, whether we are Christians or not. When you haven’t given your life to Jesus, it doesn’t make much of a ripple in your life when you sin. You don’t really notice it much, unless you have been to church and listened to a […]

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How much does it take?

We ask this many times in our lives, if you aren’t wealthy to the point of not asking the price that is. “How much is that?”, is usually how we look at all sorts of things from cell phone contracts and phones to Internet service and food from the grocery store. Most of us have […]

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Do you have everything that you need?

Many in the world’s countries don’t, at least from the world’s viewpoint. You notice that I put in the title “everything that you need“? I did not say anything about stuff that you want! Wanting things and more things doesn’t give you anything but a storage building that you didn’t need but it is necessary […]

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Thank you Lord for another day to serve you!

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Family life, is it?

I don’t know how to be a good father. Is there a way? Have you wondered about this too? What, really, should we do? Can it be done, today! I feel inadequate to the task, I don’t know what to do. I watch my child sleep, See the rise and fall of his chest, and […]

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Why all of the fuss?

It seems that every day I hear about more disgruntled people being disenfranchised in one way or another. Marginalized by society or insulted because of some post on social media or a news program. Worse yet, many of them seem to be intent on ruining the very culture and country that has allowed so many […]

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A tribute to Mom

Mother’s are the first person that we ever hear speaking to us, even before we are born. Mother is the person, in many children’s lives, who personifies the qualities of God. A mother is a person, and occasionally they aren’t even related to you but they treat you the same as your mother would, sometimes […]

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