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Building a relationship

It seems that in the culture that we have today, people don’t seem to do this much anymore. Why? Living your life alone is something that is only enjoyable if you really don’t like anyone else except yourself. Yes, there are people who are just made this way and that is fine, but what about […]

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Give what?

This morning is just a short admonition of worship. Give unto God what is due Him. Your life, because He loved You first; your time because He gives you another day to work and live for Him; your efforts in everything because God formed you and knew you before the foundation of the world and […]

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She is not old enough to know what religion is or who Jesus is yet. They are pointing guns at a child from a Christian family! I don’t know if there was any bloodshed or not, especially in her case I hope not. What good reason does anyone have for something like this? What kind […]

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Religious mentality

There are so many different religions in the world today and just as many if not more denominations of Christian belief too. Why are we so split up into different doctrines and belief systems? Mainly, because of Satan himself. I know, there are many, many people who don’t believe in him and those who say […]

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God, Who is He?

To answer that question would take far more than this blog or this blogger can write, especially in a days time. God is the Creator, the Redeemer, the King of all that is, and He is our Father, our Protector, our Healer, our Friend. God is all of these and our Teacher because since He […]

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Revival of the Church

Is this something that is needed or is it already too late? Yes, it is needed and it is absolutely NOT too late! Although many churches, or at least those who make up the body of the churches need revival in a BIG way. Revival of spirit, revival of conviction and of their purpose as […]

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Conviction, what is it?

I asked a question a few days ago about what is hell, now I am asking about conviction. What is it? I am not talking about being convicted of a crime such as in a court of law. I am talking about being convicted by the Holy Spirit. Have you ever felt that? Have you […]

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Hell, what is that?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But, many people don’t believe that it exists. God speaks about it and Jesus speaks about this place, so it must exist somewhere. Why do people think that they will be having fun by going there though? I don’t understand that at all! Even Milton wrote something quite unusual to me: […]

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Thinkin’ about stuff…

I really like Pooh Bear. His philosophy of life is profound and simple. Eat, enjoy life with your friends, think about…stuff. Like, how clouds look and how they get around, why is the Sun so bright, could I fly to the moon? All important questions, especially when you don’t want to think about the REAL […]

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Blue, down or depressed..which is it?

When you feel down, you don’t want to do anything. When you feel blue, you just don’t feel right.┬áDepression makes you feel this way too, but in a more concrete way, by that I mean in a way that is not easily gotten over. Which of course is another thing that many people will tell […]

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