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Treasure…pleasure…sin, which is it?

A few days ago, I wrote about giving your heart to Jesus. This post is about figuring out what to do with your life and with Him after you have felt the call of the Spirit in your heart and you have answered it. We have so much that gets in the way of living […]

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Have you given your heart to Jesus?

Those who can’t believe or won’t believe are the ones that we need to pray for today. Their life has no purpose and no hope, at least spiritually, for a future. Because they refuse to see it or believe it, even when there is evidence for Him and His creation. Many of you look at […]

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What is the difference?

The difference between religion and Christianity is the question to answer today, but can the answer be an easy one to find? Religion can be a belief or no belief because you can make a religion out of most anything from fishing to football, your family or anything else that you really enjoy. You may […]

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Building a relationship

It seems that in the culture that we have today, people don’t seem to do this much anymore. Why? Living your life alone is something that is only enjoyable if you really don’t like anyone else except yourself. Yes, there are people who are just made this way and that is fine, but what about […]

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Have you come to Jesus in repentance?

You know, there are many people who attend church and some who don’t attend any church who know about Jesus but they haven’t repented of their sinful life or their sins in any way. Many of them think that by being in the church or on a church roll that God will dismiss the things […]

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Give what?

This morning is just a short admonition of worship. Give unto God what is due Him. Your life, because He loved You first; your time because He gives you another day to work and live for Him; your efforts in everything because God formed you and knew you before the foundation of the world and […]

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She is not old enough to know what religion is or who Jesus is yet. They are pointing guns at a child from a Christian family! I don’t know if there was any bloodshed or not, especially in her case I hope not. What good reason does anyone have for something like this? What kind […]

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What should we say…

Christians tend to get tongue-tied when they are telling others about Jesus and it does happen to pastors as well. When Paul and Silas when to the Berean Jews, they accepted the gospel with gladness: 10That very night the believers sent Paul and Silas to Berea. When they arrived there, they went to the Jewish […]

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Life ‘on the outside’ is scary

Originally posted on It's a God thing…:
In the 1994 movie The Shawshank Redemption, a character named Red (played by Morgan Freeman) speaks to new inmate Heywood (William Sadler) about a prisoner who’s been serving there a long time… “The man’s been in here fifty years, Heywood. Fifty years! This is all he knows.…

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He is light of the world!

In John chapter one in verses one through five it says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and […]

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