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Family life, is it?

I don’t know how to be a good father. Is there a way? Have you wondered about this too? What, really, should we do? Can it be done, today! I feel inadequate to the task, I don’t know what to do. I watch my child sleep, See the rise and fall of his chest, and […]

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The message of Jesus

Have you ever HEARD the message of Jesus? Jesus said for us to believe in Him (and the atonement provided by His death and resurrection), and we will have eternal life. Repent of your former sinful life and allow the Holy Spirit to transform you into a likeness of Him. Are these things possible? Yes, […]

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Today is the day!

It seems that most everyone treats tomorrow or even next year as if we are guaranteed to get there…well sorry to burst your bubble but we’re not! Your life and mine can be much more than it is, but we truly have to live life in God’s hands, every day. Your strength can’t get you […]

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Life…where do we go when its over?

It is a good question, if you believe that there is more than this life. If you don’t then…it is a moot point as far as you are concerned. To go a step further, wouldn’t you like to know if there is something more? I mean, our lives are fairly short anyway and some people […]

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Darkness and Light

Darkness tried to invade our county this past weekend. It took out two shining lights, ones that it thought would dim our lights. It didn’t take into account the faith and love that these two lights had behind them nor how many friends that they shared in common all over the state. The amount of […]

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Is it time for you?

I am not speaking of the end of your life, I am speaking to your heart and the question is, “Is it time to make a decision about what you believe and Who you believe in?” It can be argued that nobody want to make this decision in today’s world. It seems that there are […]

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Why all of the fuss?

It seems that every day I hear about more disgruntled people being disenfranchised in one way or another. Marginalized by society or insulted because of some post on social media or a news program. Worse yet, many of them seem to be intent on ruining the very culture and country that has allowed so many […]

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So much love

Yes, I know that there are many of you out there who may not know the One of which I speak. Yet, He does love you with such a deep and abiding love that it is indescribable, at least in human terms. I have felt it at times in worship and in reading and studying […]

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Success in failure

Originally posted on A blog about living well and successful today:
You might want to ask me “How does that work?”. Success in this life, as many people see it today, means that you are successful…period. You have graduated from school, whether it is high school or college or even medical school, you have made…

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