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What do you depend on?

We all have different ways of making it through our days. Some of us start off the morning with a cup of tea or coffee and the paper. Some people get online with a cup of coffee and try to catch up with what is happening. But, who do you go to and depend upon when […]

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Be ye blessed of the Lord

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the Lord : we have blessed you out of the house of the Lord . Thou art my God, and I will praise thee: thou art my God, I […]

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Technology and Christianity

Some people say that the two of those don’t go together, but I believe that they are wrong. We are supposed to use any technology at our disposal to get God’s Truth out to those who are in need of hearing it. Some churches use too much technology in my opinion, but if it gets […]

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Many days start off badly

Originally posted on The Prayer House:
Not so much as say having family squabbles or anything like that, but lately I have been having muscle spasms in my back. The kind that wake you up, sometimes before daylight, and you have to make it to the kitchen to get something to eat before taking a…

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Does it seem that time is going way too fast these days?

All parents know this and children learn it sooner or later. It just seems that the weeks, especially in the summer, just melt into each other and its hard to tell one week from another. How can we slow things down a bit before our children are gone and the house is empty more than […]

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Give something back

You have heard about those who “pay it forward” haven’t you? Oh, they have dropped out of the main news lately because there is so much more meaty and interesting things to show than some person paying for an elderly couple behind him or her in line. I think those people are still around, but […]

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Birthdays and time

I know that many of you have noticed that the more birthdays you have “celebrated”, the less time it seems to take between them. Even my son, who turns sixteen today, has noticed it and he doesn’t have that many under his belt so to speak. Your perception of time changes when you get older. […]

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I am just a vessel

Originally posted on The Great Shepherd:
Nothing is perfect in this world, is a common cliche. That aside, There is one though who made the whole universe, by His word and He is perfect in all ways. He according to the Gospel of John shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish Him,…

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So much going on….

Looking at and listening to the news is not one of my favorite things to do, in fact I avoid it if I possibly can. There is so much going on in our world until it just brings you down in  your spirit and just gives you the feeling that nothing will ever be better […]

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Love…do we know where it comes from?

Today, the word itself is used so much until the meaning of it is diluted to the point of the word not having a real meaning at all. Can we get back to a point where words mean something and actually are felt when they are said? Is it possible to make life itself mean […]

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